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Madhavi Ampajwala

This is awesome Stephanie.Great blog.
I am really interested in raised beds and planning to start 1-2 beds this year for my vegetables.I currently have my hers in pots which are doing great but tired of moving those in and out. I have had a 8x10 area which was all prepped by previous owners when we were in Concord which gave us tomoatoes,peppers, Cilantro for almost 1 winter, however the weeds were awful and my in-laws (visiting us at that time) were gracious enough to spend almost 1 hour daily. I was working 80 hr/week at that time and Naisha was just born.
Also, where do you get the malabar spinach and Purslane? These are delicious and abundant in India and love those.I do see Malabar spinach occasionally in Indian groceries but never seen Purslane.
Hope to see your raised bed post soon, keep blogging.

-take care, Madhavi.

Carolyn Johnson

I read about your gardening in our local newspaper in Indiana. While we have different conditions to contend with, it's all about what will grow in a person's area of the country. I had to figure that out by trial and error as many gardeners do. We have a 20ft by 45ft garden in town. It started by taking over a flower garden and grew from there. My husband had to respectfully ask me to leave him enough room in the yard to pull our truck in, to work on it :) Then we purchased the lot behind our house and I staked a claim on a large part of it for a large garden. We share our overabundance with neighbors,friends and family. All in all, our garden helps about 8 families. Not everyone speaks english, so we speak "garden." I also share seeds and look forward to walking in the area in Spring and seeing where my seeds have gone to stay. There are always plenty. I look forward to following your blog and learning from your experiences. By the way, our son (now 27 years old) also had a problem with red food dye. It was a long, but better road away from the dye.


Thank you for your comment Carolyn! It sounds like you have plenty to teach me. Your garden and neighborhood sounds amazing!!

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