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My wife and I had a similar experience with high frutose corn syrup. After cutting that from our diet, we felt so much better and shed a few pounds. We now have a big salad for dinner a few days a week, and have discovered that it's helped us both lose weight and feel better. And what we also discovered, is that switching over to this kind of diet has actually saved us a ton of money at the grocery store.


I am still learning about it, but have you looked into lacto-fermentation? Real naturally fermented foods have great nutritional value and encourage intestinal flora(good bacteria) which may help your children tremendously. I have not read through a lot of your blogs, so if you have already learned about this, forgive the repetition. I have discovered that I'm not lactose intolerant, more like pasteurization and homogenization intolerant-Raw milk is great! I have started adding real sauerkraut to my diet, and it seems to help.


Thanks for the suggestion, Jason. It sounds like we are about at the same stage of learning. Last week, I pulled out my copy of Nourishing Traditions and hope to migrate that direction from our current "starvation diet" as I have jokingly referred to it.

I am not sure how long I should keep my daughter dairy free, but I have decided that the first bit of dairy we will try will be kefir made from raw milk.


Thank you for your comment, Derek. HFCS was one of the first things we cut out (or cut waaaay back on) as well. I agree that eating a whole foods diet is cheaper in the long run. Yes, the organic apple costs few cents more than the conventional one, but when you cut out (or back) the cost of convenience/processed foods, you save a bundle!


Have you considered the GenoType Diet? It makes sense of the "milk is good for you; milk is bad for you", "beef is good for you; beef is bad for you" issue, and explains why some people have great success with stuff like coconut oil and others get sick on it.

For instance, I am a Teacher GenoType. Teachers do not make enoughh stomach acid to digest red meat. That explains why I always got a bad tummy ache when I tried to eat steak! The GTD makes the most sense to me of all the eating plans.

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