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Steph...I admire your intestinal fortitude ;-) in making dietary choices for your family. I'm curious as to whether you would have embarked on this journey if your children didn't have the health issues plaguing them. Basically, what I am wondering is you would have given up gluten/starch because you ought to vs HAVING to.

(Yes, that sound YOU hear in TX is that voice in my head saying...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO)


As they say, ignorance is bliss. The honest answer is that if not for a decade of searching for answers to help my child, I would have had no idea that my own health issues were caused by the very food I was eating. I never would have connected my hip, back and muscle pain to "the staff of life." However, after reading the wheat belly blog, I have to think that I would have been willing to give it a try for my own sake since so many stories are very similar to my own.

I really had no idea how bad I felt or how much energy was going into functioning and getting through the day until suddenly I felt good. I no longer have mid-day slumps of wondering how on earth I will manage to stay awake. I now fall asleep easily and sleep like a brick all night. Getting out of bed in the morning is no longer something I dread, I wake up refreshed and no longer in pain!!

Trust me, I have had many moments of being angry that I can't eat the yummy grain containing foods I once did. I love to bake, always have. I have a half of ton of organic whole wheat in my garage and was grinding my own bread darn it! Really, I am supposed to give up wheat for good?

I highly recommend watching Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead on netflix, amazon or youtube. What if your life and your ability to live life could be radically different? Isn't that worth a 2-3 week trial giving up the foods we know and love? I recommend it to anyone!! You don't have to juice to get there, but I love the vision and encouragement that this particular documentary provides. If a 400+ pound truck driver from Iowa can change his life and go from nearly dead to healthy and medication free, anyone can!!!


I think it is so great that you have taken this journey with your daughter. I was diagnosed as glucoamylase deficient about a year ago. This lifestyle change has been a struggle to say the least, especially since I am also a vegetarian. I fell off the wagon for awhile, but am trying to get back on.

I am in my mid twenties and suffered undiagnosed for most of my college career. I am very happy to hear that the diet change worked for your daughter and will continue to follow your blog to get some hints and tips and for inspiration. Thank you for sharing your story!

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