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Thanks for the recommendations Stephanie -- I'll download that podcast and look for the audio book! It makes me mad when I start to think about how man has permanently adulterated food so severely.


Thanks for sharing! I found out that going gluten free would help my thyroid problems. Now if I could have the courage and know-how to do it...
I am reading "Deep Nutrition" which was mentioned in a previous post. Loving it! Fascinating mix of two of my other favorite books "Beginner's Guide to Creating the Universe" and "In Defense of Food." Thanks for recommending it!


This is all so interesting to me. A few months ago I went GF with my 10 yr. old as an experiment (due to some issues). Suffice it to say that when we went "off the wagon" we felt crummy, but I felt like I had food poison! Our holistic Dr. said that's one of the best ways to find out how GF one is.

When we first went GF I personally didn't think it was that hard (well except we too have about ten buckets of grain berries in our home. lol!). However, as I began to try and recreate all of our baking goodies with GF flours, I was astounded how much starch I needed to bake!! I quickly realized that I had to learn to cook again-in a whole foods kind of way.

Now, this has been good but very hard. I don't love experimenting in the kitchen. I do love feeding my family with healthy foods, but spending time combing the internet for tasty, kid friendly, economical, healthy foods has been a challenge for me. Certainly one that I am more than willing to take on, but challenging nonetheless. (Homeschooling three children, etc.)

Thanks for the info. on the food and the recipes, etc. This will help me with putting together my new recipe binder. I've been told that this is a good blog: beautythatmoves.typepad.com/

I'm also inspired by your urban gardening. We live not too far from you and your family and hope to look for a little property in the not too distant future to cultivate (on a small scale).


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