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That was an incredibly inspiring video. Thank you for sharing. Changing from a standard american diet can be quite a journey and I need all the encouragement I can get! She makes it sound so easy too.

Faye Elahi

I was very impressed with Dr. Terry Wahls's Story as I too have been diagnosed with early Parkinson last year and been able to slow down my symptoms a great deal with a similar "hunter-gathere's diet". what is amazing is how much more simple this diet is compared to all the traditional medical treatments that basically wear off after awhile due their toxic nature. Everyone has to eat some food at least 3 times a day so we might as well incorporate some health-promoting food that might be as effective if not more effective than medicine in our daily diet. While not everyone will be willing to give up their quick and delicious pizza and mac'n cheese for a bowl of tasteless weird looking kale overnight, but a slice of sweet beet root over their salad plate or a bowl of fresh organic berried here and there is easy to do for all of us. Medicine has its place and time to treat the critical disease related symptoms such as chemo for aggressive forms of cancer or antibiotics in case of progressive life-threatening infections, but to feed the body pills instead of god-given nutrient-dense food that grow from the earth not a chemical laboratory is not the long term answer to disease treatment. I happen to be a special needs nutritionist who has helped over 1400 families with various food allergies and food sensitivities as well as those with 21st century diagnosis such as Autism, Asthma, Celiac, ADD, and ADHD. The common thread between all these diagnosis is "marked vitamin and mineral and fatty acid deficiencies". Our cell engines (Mytochondria) needs Co-Q-10 and B vitamins daily ad yet our typical Enriched American diet is devoid of all those nutrients! We are overfed and undernourished as a nation and until we get Schools and Food Service Managers at Cafeterias and Restaurant Owners and Fast Food Operators all to agree to make fresh veggies and fruits and gras-fed meats mainstream, we are going to continue to produce obese diabetic and chronically sick children who are going to become sick adults later. Dr. Wahls is right, the choice is ours! You can read more about nutrition foundation program in my book: Ready, Set, Eat: Gluten-free Nutrition Basics by Faye Elahi available on my website www.glutenfreenutritionforlife.com Be well, Faye

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