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Man it sure does look yummy! We planted some zucchini for the first time this year and it's just now starting to come in. I'd have to dry mine in the oven since I gave my dehdrater away! UGHHH I cleaned house and everything I wasn't using I donated! lol


I misplaced my fave veggie lasagna recipe years ago but it was very similar to this one. If I remember right, I didn't have to dehydrate the zuchs but just salted, drained, rinsed, drained, patted them dry and then roasted the slices under the broiler. Also roasted sliced eggplant under broiler. Then roasted sweet red and yellow peppers either under the broiler or above the burners, once blackened put in paper bag to steam the skins loose, then wipe the blackened skins away. Combine all this into a lasagna makes for an intensely sweet and smoky delicious lasanga!


Im going to have to try that lasagna one day...it looks soooo good.
On the T.V. part I gave up watching it about 2 years ago. It started when I being single was shelling out 50 bucks a month for maybe 2 channels that I liked on cable. That was it. Cancelled and never looked back.

Bobbi Standish

Don't know where to begin. Your blog has rocked my world today in so many ways. Just enjoy and love everything about it. the recipes, gardening, your family's adventure with going grain free and the videos you've posted; not to mention the incredible and wonderful pictures. I've probably shared to my email most all of them Dr. Wahl's; Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead; and video by the lady who wrote "the Unhealty Truth" and although I've known and believed some or all of these truths I have attempted living and eating like this on;y in short spurts, both personally and in my family. The Wheat Belly blog is also bookmarked and I'm looking into a juicer (which I had given up on a few years ago). I so needed to hear all this to get me motivated and I am thankful to you for your blog. Keep up the good work. You have made me realize that you can never know who you are affecting for the good and I believe I need to blog as well. That may be more time in coming but one step at a time. I just retired and am asking God to lead me. There are so many areas that have my heart. I know He will show me and believe me, you are an inspiration. Good to meet you. Thanks and blessings, Bobbi Standish

PS Can't wait to have time to read the archives and more recipes. Have you tried mashed turnips ( and of course roasted-yum) in place of potatoes? We love them. The cauliflower sounds really good too.

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